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The glittery lights of the film industry are enough to attract any starry-eyed artist to its fold. Bright-eyed and curious, Akshay wanted to learn the craft before he set foot on the Mumbai stage. He started his journey as an actor with Mr. Ajai Malkani (NSD faculty and alumni) in the Yuva Rang Manch theatre group and also trained under various NSD and FTII faculties. 


Theatre is said to be an opportunity for an actor. An actor’s emotions are unveiled, away from editing and coloration, purely raw and real. He wanted to be just that. An actor who is unfiltered to his core. During Akshay’s learning process, he absorbed as much there was to know about theatre and films as possible. 


He also learned mime under Padmashree Niranjan Goswami (NSD) to emote wordlessly. 

Akshay has worked opposite John Abraham in a TVC as well as in a Smithen Chocolate ad.


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