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Akshay Mishra began his theatre career in 2000 when he joined a theatre group called Yuva Rang Manch. He learned the craft under the guru shishya parampara from the eminent theatre personality Mr. Ajai Malkani (NSD faculty and alumni) for eight years. Since then, he has trained under various faculties of NSD and FTII. 


Akshay holds a dual bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Pune where he also founded his theatre group, Aum Theatre Mumbai.


He started his theatre career as a mime artist, trained under Padmashree Niranjan Goswami (NSD). Later, he discovered his love for the craft in direction and designing lights for theatre when he moved to Mumbai. In 2009, Akshay directed his first play named Chatariyan by Mohan Rakesh, which won second prize in International Theatre Fest in Symbiosis University, Pune. 


He has been involved in the art and pursued theatre for over a decade. Akshay has adapted and written various scripts for his theatre group, Aum Theatre Mumbai.


His style of theatre production is quite different while approaching the text. His theatre production also includes poetries, live singing, classical dance, metaphorically-devised scenes with an overall experimental approach which justifies the text and subtext at the same time. DHAPPA, his latest celebrity theatre play, is a visual treat for the audiences and stars Puneet Issar.


DHAPPA is a mysterious play produced under the banner of Aum Theatre Mumbai and is one of his most illustrious productions that was premiered successfully to a full house audience at St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra.

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