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The Journey So Far... 

Director, Writer, Actor, Theatre Group Founder, and Creative Producer… not necessarily in that order!


He holds a dual bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Pune and this is where the journey of his theatre group, Aum Theatre Mumbai, began. Chatariyan by Mohan Rakesh was the first play he directed in Pune which won the second prize in International Theatre Fest at Symbiosis University. 


He unconventionally approaches the written text, which makes any piece of artistic work unique. His love for poetries, live singing, classical dance, mime, and other art forms can be seen in all his plays. Not one to shy from trying new avenues, he tries to work with a different art form in each play. And this is his way to understand and appreciate the mechanics of each craft and fuse them into a play.


DHAPPA, his latest theatre production, is a celebrity theatre play that stars Puneet Issar and is based on the 1950s era that gives a tribute to the golden era of Hindi cinema, which is considered to be the best phase of Indian cinema. The text of the play shows the dreams and inner struggles of 5 artists of that era and Akshay has chosen Kathak dance, original song compositions, and live music to demonstrate their journey. 


Before this, he directed music videos and ads and acted in a TVC on road safety that also featured John Abraham as well as in a Smithen Chocolate ad. He also worked as a director of photography for two years in Hindi Kavita and Urdu Studio, YouTube channels which required that he organized the shoots as well as liaised with celebrities. He worked as a Creative Producer and was the team lead in making video content for a media organization. He also worked as a Chief Assistant Director in a film that starred Sanjay Suri.

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