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Theatre is an umbrella that sheltered many facets of the craft. Diving head first into the many works of eminent playwrights and writers in Ajai Malkani’s theatre group paved the way for the kind of theatre that fascinated Akshay. he acted in many plays, be it, Chhatariya, Nangi Aawazein, Ulgulan, Ab Aur Nahi, Andha Yug, and Hamlet.


He also learned how to operate lights for a theatre play. Working as an actor in a theatre group not only provided a direction to his career path but also taught him how to take the steering wheel and just direct!


Shyam, a film director, is intrigued by Iravati, a Kathak dancer, and intends to cast her in his next film. But her brother Kumar, a failed actor, is adamant about keeping Shyam away from Iravati. Instead of it being an act of jealousy, Kumar harbours a deep dark secret. Set against the 1950s era, 'Dhappa' is submerged in mystique and drama.

Aum Theatre Mumbai

Bombay to Mumbai is a street play that encompasses the change as well as the continuing problems in the city from when it was Bombay to now when it is Mumbai. Drainage system, traffic, massive concrete jungles, corruption, world’s second largest slum, imbalance between the rich and poor are the prominent topics performed in the street play.

Aum Theatre Mumbai

Boo is a solo performance by Akshay Mishra. Randheer, the central character, tasted the 'boo' radiating from every pore of the girl's body, but he couldn't quite describe what it was. It was a rainy day, but this sexual encounter of Randheer's with a 'Ghatan' girl, kept him yearning for more. And even now, he is still trying to find and embrace that 'boo' that intrigued him that rainy day

Nangi Aawaazein

Nangi Aawazein is a musically devised play that portrays the lives of two different families from diverse social classes. Though poles apart, they experience the same complexities in life that are woven with a thin cord of pain. Bholu and Gama are two brothers who live in a chawl whereas Nishant and his wife share a one BHK apartment with their family in Mumbai. The play exhibits how these people of different social stratum strive to get private moments amidst overcrowded spaces, which further leaves a question mark on the manhood of the protagonists.

Aum Theatre Mumbai

Chhatariya is a social satire that elaborates on how desires control humans. The symbolically designed play is a visual treat with props, mime, percussion music and voice overs.

Aum Theatre Mumbai

Stamp Collection is a solo performance by Akshay Mishra. Stamp Collection is about two friends. Both of them had a keen interest in collecting various kinds of stamps but a small misunderstanding struck lighting in their friendship because of which it had a drastic effect in the life of one of them. This story is about regret, nostalgia, and friendship

Aum Theatre Mumbai

Nazariya is a streetplay that highlights social issues, brain drain, female foeticide, farmer suicide and peer pressure.

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