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Be it film, or theatre, direction was Akshay’s course to understand the film and theatre business. He was intrigued by the works of Saadat Hasan Manto and so his short story, Nangi Aawazein, became the prime choice to direct as a play in Mumbai. As a director, he not only donned the hat of directing the play but also designed sets, and costumes, wrote the script, took auditions, and organized events successfully with emphasis on marketing, promotions, and media coverage. He also steered the ship as well as acted in Chhatariyan, Stamp Collection, Boo, etc.


Dhappa, a play starring Puneet Issar, is a testament to my most ambitious work as it premiered to a full house at St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra, on June 18th, 2022. He had solely directed and organized the entire red carpet-premiere.


Apart from theatre, he worked as a director of photography in Urdu Kavita and Hindi Studio, YouTube channels that had Bollywood celebrities and other connoisseurs of the written work narrating many writings of famous writers and authors. He was solely in charge of being the director of photography as well as organizing the shoots and collaborating with the celebrities.


He has also directed a music video for a budding artist.

Akshay Mishra

Shyam, a film director, is intrigued by Iravati, a Kathak dancer, and intends to cast her in his next film. But her brother Kumar, a failed actor, is adamant about keeping Shyam away from Iravati. Instead of it being an act of jealousy, Kumar harbours a deep dark secret. Set against the 1950s era, 'Dhappa' is submerged in mystique and drama.

Nangi Aawaazein

Nangi Aawazein is a musically devised play that portrays the lives of two different families from diverse social classes. Though poles apart, they experience the same complexities in life that are woven with a thin cord of pain. Bholu and Gama are two brothers who live in a chawl whereas Nishant and his wife share a one BHK apartment with their family in Mumbai. The play exhibits how these people of different social stratum strive to get private moments amidst overcrowded spaces, which further leaves a question mark on the manhood of the protagonists.

Aum Theatre Mumbai

Chhatariya is a social satire that elaborates on how desires control humans. The symbolically designed play is a visual treat with props, mime, percussion music and voice overs.

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